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9 Sites That Help With Everyday Budgeting from

One silver lining to these tough economic times: a slew of new free online tools and services that help consumers save money and manage it wisely. Whether you're looking to track your credit score, find a better savings rate or finally balance that monthly budget, profiles nine sites that can help.

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Bill Shrink - Great Tool to Cut Your Expenses

Well, why overspend? In this environment, people can't afford to miss out on a chance to save money. That's why BillShrink — your free, money-savings tool — continuously seeks out new savings opportunities on everyday expenses for you.

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PearBudget – Really Simple Budgeting

PearBudget is ideal if you’re new to budgeting, of if you feel overwhelmed by your finances. They don’t tell you what to buy (or what not to buy), they won’t ask you for your bank passwords, or overwhelm you with information. PearBudget is simple software to help you make a spending plan, track your expenses, and help you plan for the future. It takes about 10 minutes a week, and costs only $3 per month. Simpler and easier to use than Quicken or Microsoft Money. Check it out with the free 30-day trial.

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4 – Refreshing Money Management shows you where you’re spending your money, helps you understand how your investments are performing, and assists you in setting up realistic budgets. finds you personalized ways to save money, using patent-pending software which analyzes your current spending. The typical user finds $1,000 in savings in their first visit. has been named the best online personal finance tool by Money, Kiplinger, and PC magazines, and is PC World’s Editor’s Choice.

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Great List of Accounting and Budgeting Tools from the Mashable Blog

The Mashable Blog features all that’s new on the Web – and when it comes to online accounting and budgeting tools you have a lot of choices. If you want to see more than we feature on this BestSitePicks list check out this post. You’ll find resources for keeping track of business expenses, finding out if you’re being charged hidden fees, invoicing roommates, and more.

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Mvelopes – Personal Financial Management

Mvelopes Personal is an online personal finance and spending management system. The system applies innovative financial software technology to the traditional envelope method of budgeting to help you manage your finances, while living within your income - and most of it's done automatically. Free 30-day trial.

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7 – Budgeting Tips is packed with budgeting tips and tools. You can learn how to save money with thousands of free tips on everything from budgeting, to getting out of debt, feeding your family for less, and having family fun without spending loads of cash.

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Wesabe – Part Money Management, Part Community

Wesabe is a free online money management service. It is unique because it combines easy-to-use budgeting tools with a thriving community of smart, supportive people, anonymously sharing ideas and advice with each other to help everyone get more value for their money. And, your information stays private and completely secure, so you can take advantage of Wesabe’s many benefits without worry.

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102 Personal Finance Tips Your Professor Never Taught You

Personal financial tips that will help you live a better life. Some you’ve heard before, others will be new. Great advice for saving, taxes, retirement, investing, insurance, home owning and more.

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List of Personal Finance Spreadsheets from the Get Rich Slowly Blog

Good personal finance spreadsheets are hard to find. The Get Rich Slowly blog has done the work to find the best quality, free financial spreadsheets that can be modified to fit your needs. If you are a spreadsheet junkie, this is the list for you.

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